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1 Timothy 1:18 (KJV) "This charge I commit unto thee, son Timothy, according to the prophecies which went before on thee, that thou by them mightest war a good warfare;"
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The Women at War Book Package is Only $57.97. The Women at War e-Package is $19.97
"This is the best book on prayer I've ever read!"

Arthelene Rippy
Christian Television Network

"Woman at War Changed my Life!"
"It was as if I had actually been asleep for the last 40 years of my faith walk and now I am wide awake. I knew this study may push the boundaries of my comfort zone, but this is after all the only way to grow in your spiritual walk. Everything about the way I think, talk, and act is different now that I have taken the 'Women at War' study. Terms such as: praying in agreement, prayer language, walking in Christ’s authority, covenants, being yoked, and warring for my promises are now everyday conversations with my family and friends. I have so much more joy and peace in my life. I live a life of dependence on Christ and I understand His Word."
- Melissa W.
From The Desk Of Sharon Restrepo,
Author & Founder...Women at War
Dear Ladies,

I am excited that you have taken the time to learn more about the Women at War Bible Study. This incredible training is created for Women at War who want to learn how to pray powerfully & effectively, how to go to war for their promises and how to obtain breakthrough in any situation. A lifestyle of VICTORY belongs to you as a Daughter of the King! It's time to start living like one. Discover more of what you will learn as you scroll below.

There are TWO Options when Choosing the
Women at War Bible Study....

#1. The "Women at War Book Package" includes the following and is offered at $57.97*:                             NOTE: WE ARE TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK!!!!
                                           REFER TO THE E-PACKAGE UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.

• Women at War Physical Bible Study Book, Audio Version & PDF download
• Women at War Physical Workbook War Plan & PDF download
• Women at War I & II Recorded Webinars Accessed Online In Educational Platform
 *The Book Package includes everything available in the E-package PLUS the physical Women at War book & Workbook.

#2. The "Women at War E-Package" Includes the following and is offered at $19.97 (the E-package offers the same contents as the Book Package above, except without the physical book and workbook):

• Women at War Bible Study Book PDF download & Audio versions
• Women at War Workbook War Plan PDF download
• Women at War I & II Recorded Webinars Accessed Online In Educational Platform

You will be able to login and access all of the above, listen to the Audio of the Women at War Book as well as download it to any electronic device and also obtain access to the Recorded Women at War I and II training webinars that I personally teach.

I encourage you to take advantage of all the awesome training available to you. What God has taught me, directly from His word, has changed my life and I know it will do the same for you.
Please continue reading to discover what other Women at War trainees have shared about this Bible Study experience.

What's Inside The Women at War Bible Study?

You Will .....


Learn to PRAY the way the Word of God teaches.

Learn why your prayers don't seem to be answered. Learn how to pursue His promises for your life and achieve breakthrough in any battle.


Learn the Difference Between Praying and Going to War.

Winning the battle has everything to do with this biblical principle. It's time to learn to live a lifestyle of victory.


Learn how to HEAR GOD... His voice, His Word, in dreams and through the Holy Spirit. In John 10:27, Jesus says, "My sheep hear My voice..." That means what it says. If you are not hearing His voice, then it is time to learn how. No intimate relationship is without communication and your Heavnly Father wants to speak with you daily.


Learn Acts of Faith that Bring Breakthrough.

God's Word teaches us all of the weapons of warfare we can access to achieve breakthrough and live victoriously. Learn to co-labor with Jesus and experience the difference answered prayers make in your life.


​Learn the Hindrances our Enemy Uses Against Us and How to Stop Them.

We learn in Gal. 3:13 that Jesus' finished work on the cross broke off the curses of death, sickness and poverty. Don't allow Him to have gone through all of that in vain. Receive it and walk in your authority in Christ.


​Learn to Walk in Your Authority in Christ.

Most Christians live like satan's doormat because they are afraid of the devil. The truth is that the devil is afraid of God's children; however, he knows when a believer has no idea that she possesses the very authority of Christ Jesus within her. He then takes advantage. It is time to put the enemy under your feet by learning to walk in your authority in Christ. You are a daughter of the King. It's time to understand what that really means.


Learn about Spiritual Warfare.

Our battles are not fought against men and women; they are fought against spirits. Learn where and how to battle. Learn to battle from faith rather than fear. Learn the tricks the enemy uses every single day and cancel his assignment against you and your family. Eph. 6:12 (NKJV) "For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places."


​Learn to Walk in the Gifts the Holy Spirit has for You According to 1 Corinthians 12.

If you are living life as a believer without the power of the Holy Spirit operating through you, you are possibly just plain bored! Get ready to ignite your relationship with Jesus the way He desires.


​​​Learn how to Grow with Jesus as a Family.

Women at War teaches women how to go to war with their husbands and even teach their children how to grow deeper in their relationship with Jesus. There is no Junior Holy Spirit...your family has access to the same Jesus and Holy Spirit you do.


​Learn to Live Victoriously.

Ultimately, every chapter of Women at War will teach you what you should already know from God's just seems to explain in it a way that you can digest and apply today. The Workbook is essentially your War Plan for implementing all the Word teaches you for living a lifestyle of victory. It's not enough just to learn His Word...even the enemy knows what the Bible teaches. In order for our lives to change and improve, we must apply what we learn. That is the sole purpose of the Workbook War Plan.
The BONUS is all the additional training available when you access our online learning platform.  Being able to read, listen and learn from my recorded webinars with PowerPoint slides makes a huge difference.  The Lord has authored this entire Bible Study...He just happened to direct me to be the hands and feet of delivery and I enthusiastically said, "Yes."

Women at War is in no way teaching you that a lifestyle of victory means that you get to avoid going through tough situations. The Word teaches us that the rain falls on the just and the unjust (Matt. 5:45).

However, when we go through battles, we can go through them entirely differently than others.  Most of us, even believers, are facing battles without the Word of God rooted inside of us - but we mistakenly think it is.

I can attest to the difference between walking through tragedy with the Word in my heart and without. I also encourage you that you do NOT want to continue life as a believer without this training!

We are in a war whether we want to be or not.  If we know we are at war, why would we stay in the war without equipping ourselves to fight victoriously?  Stop living life the way it is, thinking it won't change until you get to Heaven.  That's the enemy talking and he is a liar.

Instead, become a Woman at War Today...learn how to fight your battles to win, in Jesus' mighty name!

Exodus 15:3 (NKJV) "The Lord is a man of war; The Lord is His name."

Here's Exactly What You're Going to Get With the Women at War Book Package...

Women at War I & II Physical Book

This amazing book features both Women at War I and Women at War II Bible Studies. It is THE training that teaches women how to walk in their authority in Christ as Daughters of the King.  Learn how to pray more effectively, how to hear God yourself, how to walk more deeply with Jesus and in the gifts He has given you and in a lifestyle of victory where all of His promises are yes, and in Him, Amen!  It's time to become a Woman at War!

Women at War Workbook War Plan

The Workbook compliments the Bible Study training course perfectly as it is the War Plan that equips you in taking what you learn in the Bible Study and making it a lifestyle.  The addition of the Workbook War Plan is a game-changer!  It's not enough just to learn how to walk with must apply what you learn. The War Plan helps you do just that.

Women at War Online Training Platform

This special offer also includes the Women at War online training platform. You will be able to log in to your own personal educational experience providing you access to the Women at War book and Workbook War Plan pdf downloads, Women at War Book AUDIO (you can listen anywhere on any device), AND recorded Women at War Webinars taught by author, Sharon Restrepo. You will have 24/7 access with six months to train at your own pace...digest it quickly or decide.  

See What Your Sisters in Christ Have Shared About Being a Woman at War...

Ren's Testimony...

"Women at War was not what I expected. It was better than what I expected. So much of what I learned I had never known before. I learned about things I read in the Bible but hadn't understood. Sharon taught about warring for the promises of God. I had no idea we could do this. She taught about God's love, faithfulness, and provision. I realized I had not opened myself up to accept all of those wonderful things from God."

Christa's Testimony...

"I thought it was a system of prayer that did not necessarily apply to me. During Women at War, I learned how to war for the promises God lays on my heart, I have learned many things. God hears the cries of His children. Praying scriptures allows me to know God in a more intimate way and tune out the lies of the enemy. My mind has been renewed and my faith has grown."

Billie Caren's Testimony...

“Women at War has changed my life. It has led me to understand what has been right before my eyes my whole life.  I have a deeper, richer relationship with my Savior, Jesus Christ!  I now know how to war for God’s promises, pray scripture, and live a life of victory. The world around us is full of evil. I learned to combat the enemy with The Word of God.  I began to let God fight my battles. I began to hear God speak to me.  He is the Shepard and the sheep know their Shepard’s Voice! I learned practical ways to fight with scripture. I learned everyday strategies to live victoriously."

Mai-Lin's Testimony...

"I reluctantly participated in Women at War. I had just finished leading my own small group and needed a break, but my good friend Kristie said it was going to bless me and I trusted her.  Let me tell you, I was blown away. I could see the anointing Sharon was given for these lessons. Her use of the Word, testimonies and examples pulls it all together in a relatable way. She provides the tools and you roll up your sleeves and do the hard work."

Stephanie's Testimony...

"I had never thought about many of these things before, nor was it ever taught to me before taking this study. I applied these lessons, asked my Heavenly Father and received my covenant sign, which are two butterflies. It is such a wonderful new integral part of my relationship with God and I truly encourage you to seek God for your personal covenant sign. Just like there is the rainbow covenant sign to remind us that the Lord will not destroy the earth by flood, it is amazing to have a particular covenant sign between you and your Heavenly Father."

Mary's Testimony...

"Whether you have been walking with the Lord for a few months or walking with Him for years, Women at War will bless you. After learning what it means to be a Woman at War, my life is changed! I never knew the significance of praying God’s Word and declaring His promises over my life. Where there was doubt planted in me, now there is certainty. Where there was insecurity, I am now filled with confidence."

I Want to Share My Testimony With You Too...
"Jesus literally saved my life and here's a bit of my story...I met the man I would marry at the young age of 16. We fell madly in love and within a few years, we married.

By the time I was 25 years old, he was killed in a tragic accident. Having grown up with a Christian mother, I knew the Lord but was no longer in close relationship with Him. 

This turned out to be the time I needed Him most, but instead I became angry with God and the trauma of my husband's loss opened the door to the enemy.  I was consumed with thoughts of taking my own life and overnight it seemed I went from a healthy young lady to one with multiple health issues. 

Jesus met me in this place and I encountered His radical love.  The moment I yielded my life to Him, He began to walk me through healing and deliverance. He taught me how to war in prayer, and believe and achieve breakthrough for the promises in His Word over my life.

He taught me how to walk in my authority in Christ as a Daughter of the King. That was over 25 years ago and in 2019, He said, 'Sharon, teach my daughters to be Women at War.'  Enough said!  Watch my testimonial video if you like."

You Are Invited to Join our Private
Women at War Facebook Group...

Join a Community of Women Just Like You!

Your sisters in Christ are waiting to meet you!  In our private FB group, we encourage one another, share prayer requests, share victories and celebrate what the Lord is doing in our lives.

We post Event opportunities where you can learn more about walking in your destiny and pursuing your purpose on earth.

In Units, you can download powerful prayers to go to war with for breakthrough in your own life and access powerful tools and lessons available to help you succeed in life.

Our Women at War FB group is a community of Women who desire a deeper relationship with Jesus and a share commitment to walking in their authority in Christ.

Read What MORE OF Your Sisters in Christ Have Shared About Being a Woman at War...

Karen's Testimony...

"I recently finished Woman at War and I cannot tell you the difference it has made in my life.  With the help of Sharon’s teachings, I put together my warring Scriptures and a prayer to God to fight for my freedom..  I never expected the marvelous results that God would give me! He has filled me with such excitement and joy!  God has also revealed to me practical steps I can take in the natural to help bring my freedom.  I am so grateful to Women at War!"

Mimi's Testimony...

"I am here today because my mom studied Women at War. She prayed for me for so long, but there was finally breakthrough once she started Women at War. I was not a believer. I was suicidal, depressed, and felt completely worthless. I finally felt seen. I was radically saved in one night. I’m now studying Women at War myself and warring for my husband’s salvation. This is truly an anointed work."

Nirggy's Testimony...

"Through Women at War, my life is forever changed. My way of thinking is different. I have more confidence in knowing who I am in Christ.  I often think, 'How did I not know all of this information before?'  But here I am now, so grateful and full of joy to know how much God loves me that He purposely put her in my life for all of these amazing teachings so I can walk the path He has destined for me since before I was born."

Victoria's Testimony...

"I highly recommend Women at War to any woman who wants to grow closer to the Lord.  I could never have imagined the impact this course would make on my life.  I am forever changed! I am so happy that I have taken Women at War.  I repeated it because there is so much information that it is not possible to learn everything the first time!  Say yes to Women at War and you will not be disappointed!"

Mary Phil's Testimony...

"Because of what I learned in Women at War, our family is forever changed for generations to come. We are no longer sitting ducks for the enemy who comes to steal, kill, and destroy; we are a warrior family standing firm on His promises. Hallelujah! I learned the power of praying in agreement with my husband and the results have been miraculous."

Mary's Testimony...

"I want to thank Sharon for listening to God’s calling to teach Women at War. I have learned how to pray without ceasing and enjoy the battle. I now know who I am, the authority I have in Christ Jesus and how to correctly represent Him in my daily walk.  I discovered how to break generational curses that I had no idea could be passed on from our ancestors to our children and their children. As soon as I broke those curses, I began to see the rewards."

About the Author...

Sharon Restrepo

Sharon Restrepo is a top-selling Author, National Speaker and Educator. Her background consists of all things real estate.  She is a broker and along with her husband, the two own a South Florida brokerage catering to real estate investors. 

Sharon is a Kingdom-minded businesswomen who desires to share what the Lord has taught her about business and success inside the books, training and courses she authors. In addition to her many real estate books and courses, she has also authored and published books in the faith genre. 

Finding Mr. Right NOW

Finding Mr. Right Now is Sharon's first published faith-based book.  This is the book all single women must read.  In this book, Sharon shares her life-story, including what she went through when she lost her first husband to a tragic accident. In this book, she shares the journey the Lord took her on to find the Mr. Right He had chosen for her and how the Lord has chosen every daughter's Mr. Right. In this book, women learn to determine the difference between Mr. Right and Mr. Right Now.  This book is available at

The Power of Proverbs

The Power of Proverbs is a 31-day daily Bible study taking believers through the book of Proverbs. In these daily short but powerful chapters, readers are asked Power Questions and given Power Exercises as homework, in order to implement the powerful life God has for them.

Pick up your copy at 

Sharon has been featured on Christian Television Network's Arthelene Rippy's HomeKeepers Show...

I encourage you to seek the Lord and allow Him to lead you in choosing a one-time seed or setting up a reoccurring monthly seed.  NOTE that we are NOT a not-for-profit ministry, movement, or organization and although we will provide a receipt, your gift to Women at War is NOT tax-deductible. We believe the Lord has not called us to register as a 501(c)(3). 
We appreciate every seed, regardless of the amount, and pray God returns a 100-fold blessing into your life. Thank you!               Sharon Restrepo, Founder
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